Reflections on Writing For Children by Rebecca Loescher

Pinkletink Press

Vineyard Style magazine
Fall 2010

NO TURN FOR TERN! A Martha's Vineyard Moonlight Mystery is a Martha's Vineyard picture book for ages 3-10.

Formed around the summer solstice, No Turn For Tern's plot includes Tern, who tries repeatedly to tell Martha's Vineyard creatures of the wonderful event that is about to happen, and how it will affect them! One after another, the delight of a promised surprise makes them want to guess what is coming. Of course, they're all wrong, and Tern becomes increasingly frustrated in her attempts to spread the exciting news . . . until, suddenly, it happens!

Coming soon:  Over On the Vineyard, Count and Sing
around Martha's Vineyard  June 2012

Over On the Vineyard is a counting picture book for children based on the song Over in the Meadow. My illustrator, Judy Pfeiffer of Martha's Vineyard, has outdone herself with amazing pictures of Vineyard creatures in beautiful island settings. She infuses her childlike sense of fun and humor into every page. She has a gift for creating endearing "faces" on these creatures, and children will fall in love with them as they count the creatures' young and notice the many wonderful details with which she enriches my text!  


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